Hello everyone

My name is Christine Carr and I am editor of this very popular magazine for creative writers. It is a part-coloured bi-monthly (six issues a year) for subscribers only. Subscribers to Crystal Magazine are called Crystallites.

I accept poems, stories (true and fiction) and articles of any length and theme (except erotica) from Crystallites only.

Subscription: £18 pa UK/£22 overseas. A sample copy is £2. Cheque or Postal Order payable to Mrs C Carr. Or by PayPal. Further down the site are a selection of PayPal buttons.

Warm regards

Christine Carr

Telephone: 0151 608 9736.

Email: christinecrystal@hotmail.com

Address: 3 Bowness Avenue, Prenton, Birkenhead CH43 0SD

NOTE: I also run Crystal Word Processing at the same address. Fast, friendly, reliable. £4 a thousand words, including editing and proofreading. Holder of Distinctions.


Crystal Magazine is for subscribers only. Please don’t email work if you haven’t subscribed.

Poems, stories, articles. A4, spiral-bound bi-monthly. Forty pages with colour images. Also includes the very popular ‘Wordsmithing’, a look into the lives of writers and writing. The magazine usually contains pages and pages in Readers’ Letters. Subscribers’ News provides an opportunity to share writing achievements.

There will be competitions for subscribers. £1 entry. The series of competitions will be known as ‘Surprise’ because entrants will not know what the prize is. The first winning story, together with photograph of prize, has been published in issue 103 January 2018. 

There are PayPal buttons on the website for subscription to Crystal, a sample copy, and entry to the competitions.


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