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My name is Christine Carr and I am editor of this very popular magazine for creative writers. It is a part-coloured bi-monthly (six issues a year) for subscribers only. Subscribers to Crystal Magazine are called Crystallites.

I accept poems, stories (true and fiction) and articles of any length and theme (except erotica) from Crystallites only.

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NOTE: I also run Crystal Word Processing at the same address. Fast, friendly, reliable. £4 a thousand words, including editing and proofreading. Holder of Distinctions.


Crystal Magazine is for subscribers only. Please don’t send work if you haven’t subscribed.  Subscription is £18 per year for six copies; £22 overseas.  A sample is £2.

Poems, stories, articles. A4, spiral-bound bi-monthly. Forty pages with colour images. Also includes the very popular ‘Wordsmithing’, a look into the lives of writers and writing. The magazine usually contains pages and pages of Readers’ Letters. Subscribers’ News provides an opportunity to share writing achievements.

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There are surprise competitions, so called because the prize is a surprise. The current competition is to write a science fiction story. The entry fee is £1.23. There is a PayPal button on the website. July this year will mark 50 years since landing on the moon. The winning story will appear in the July issue. Further details can be found in the January 2019 issue, out now.


Editor's Letter
Taking the Children Sledging
To the Bard on Burns Night
David Versus Goliath
The Paper Trail
Free Board and Lodgings
Nicotine Rules
The End of His Era
Gabriel's Mirror
In Another Life
Dream Sequence
Readers' Letters
Watch Your Step!
Fashion Icons
The Sales
Wednesday Night is Pasta Night
The End of a Personality
The Whisperers
The Battle For Betty's Brain
The Freedom of the Mind
Down Our Street
After Days
Present Days (Daze)
The End of Peace
The Piano
When the Music Stopped
Jacob's Enterprises
Surprise Competition

ISSUE 100 JULY 2017

The special ‘golden’ 100th issue. More colour, more pages, golden covers (not shown).  

Only £3

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Support for The National Autistic Society


A new book, an anthology of poetry, has just been published by local man, Jae-Alexander Linsey, with all the profits going to charity.

It all started from a tragedy and ends, now, with The Mortal Man a splendid anthology of poetry from a range of fine poets who have lent their poetic skills in support of a charitable cause, The National Autistic Society.

The tragedy is not that David Thomas Webb was autistic, because many of the hardships and heartaches encountered by him and his parents were seen as challenges and were largely overcome. So well were the difficulties met by them that David was able to struggle towards, and eventually achieve, a place at university, studying for a degree in Computer Science.

The tragedy is that David had barely started his university career when his body was discovered in his rooms just a few months after he arrived there. He was only nineteen. Since that awful day his parents have been tireless in their bid to raise money; firstly, in support of The National Autistic Society through the Just Giving website and, secondly, to name a star after him. As his mother, the Norfolk poet Wendy Webb, says, “Dave was truly a star, full of energy, so bright and so hard to live with.”

This eclectic poetry collection has been compiled in tribute to David and in aid of The National Autistic Society, with a foreword by its President, Jane Asher. The poems are in a variety of styles by poets from around the United Kingdom. They include the late and much lamented Black Country poet, Geoff Stevens, whose long-term partner, Geraldine Wall, has released three poems from his heritage. Also included are two Poets Laureate: Mark Neil of Milton Keynes, and Walsall’s Ian Henery, whose energy and enthusiasm started the ball rolling for this book following a conversation with Wendy Webb.

The Mortal Man is now available from at £8.99, all profits going to The National Autistic Society. For further information please email to

Donations can be made using the following details:
By Post: The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London, EC1V 1NG
Mobile Giving: Text DAVD99£1 to 70070 or text DAVD98£1 to 70070
Wendy Webb’s story, Norfolk’s Beautiful Child, is also available as a free download: