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Christine Carr 

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MARCH 2021



Phil Wilson: Wordsmithing 

Neil Candy: Reflections on 2020 Christmas and 2021 New Year 

Bernard Lazenbury: The Months 

Neil Candy: ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ 

Brian Webster: Haiku 

Neil Candy: Winter Wonderland 

Michael Newman: Lerry 

Michael Newman: Lower Avon 

Heather Buswell: Home Seeker 

Michael Newman: Delayed Spring 

Keith Woodhouse: Bucolics 

Bernard Lazenbury: Pebbles 

Bernard Lazenbury: Wenlock Edge 

Bernard Lazenbury: Twitter Accounts 

Bernard Lazenbury: Starlings 

Keith Taylor: A Very Small Owl 

Roy Hewetson: Their Poisoned Hand 

Michael Newman: The More Serious Pastime 

Wendy Webb: Haiku 

Wendy Webb: Imperfect Landings 

Wendy Webb: Room at the Top 



Heather Buswell: ‘Stalker’ 

Nicky Wheeliker: Memories 

Jim Salt: Meal Ticket to Clink

Peter Davies: Bleeding Hearts 

Alan Barker: Badge of Honour

Bernard Lazenbury: Be the Person You Truly Want to Be 

Bernard Lazenbury: From Romeo to Juliet 

Brian Webster: Mirror of Dreams 

Heather Buswell: All Those Joes

Nicky Wheeliker: The Accidental Sunflower 

Heather Buswell: A Season Passing 

Peter Davies: Rain 

Susannah White: Roses 

Susannah White: Lilies 

Jill Rundle: The Spirits Rest 

Jill Rundle: Decay 

Heather Buswell: Taking it Slowly 

Heather Buswell: Visiting Bob 

Tony Luxton: Nonsense 

Tony Luxton: Bedtime Reading 

Susannah White: On Finding Dylan in a Boarding School Library 

Jill Rundle: Bookshop 

Heather Buswell: Parties 

Mary Lou Windsor: Getting to the Point 

Richard Dobbs: Emma’s Gown 



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A new book, an anthology of poetry, has just been published by local man, Jae-Alexander Linsey, with all the profits going to charity.

It all started from a tragedy and ends, now, with The Mortal Man a splendid anthology of poetry from a range of fine poets who have lent their poetic skills in support of a charitable cause, The National Autistic Society.

The tragedy is not that David Thomas Webb was autistic, because many of the hardships and heartaches encountered by him and his parents were seen as challenges and were largely overcome. So well were the difficulties met by them that David was able to struggle towards, and eventually achieve, a place at university, studying for a degree in Computer Science.

The tragedy is that David had barely started his university career when his body was discovered in his rooms just a few months after he arrived there. He was only nineteen. Since that awful day his parents have been tireless in their bid to raise money; firstly, in support of The National Autistic Society through the Just Giving website and, secondly, to name a star after him. As his mother, the Norfolk poet Wendy Webb, says, “Dave was truly a star, full of energy, so bright and so hard to live with.”

This eclectic poetry collection has been compiled in tribute to David and in aid of The National Autistic Society, with a foreword by its President, Jane Asher. The poems are in a variety of styles by poets from around the United Kingdom. They include the late and much lamented Black Country poet, Geoff Stevens, whose long-term partner, Geraldine Wall, has released three poems from his heritage. Also included are two Poets Laureate: Mark Neil of Milton Keynes, and Walsall’s Ian Henery, whose energy and enthusiasm started the ball rolling for this book following a conversation with Wendy Webb.

The Mortal Man is now available from at £8.99, all profits going to The National Autistic Society. For further information please email to

Donations can be made using the following details:

By Post: The National Autistic Society, 393 City Road, London, EC1V 1NG

Mobile Giving: Text DAVD99£1 to 70070 or text DAVD98£1 to 70070

Wendy Webb’s story, Norfolk’s Beautiful Child, is also available as a free download: